Going to to the town of Jasper, Arkansas, with the camera club usually starts or ends with a meal at the Ozark Cafe. That was where several SWMCC members met on Friday evening for a tasty meal before heading out to a beautiful cabin in the woods not far from town.

Early the next morning (which came very early given how late we stayed up the night before), we headed over to Lost Valley (part of the National Park Service’s Buffalo National River) and made the short hike to Eden Falls. It’s a beautiful area, and well worth the visit.  One of our goals for the trip was to photograph Arkansas’ first batch of wildflowers. At this time of year, these flowers are pretty close to the ground and getting some of the pictures took some creative tripod techniques.

If you go to Lost Valley, go early! It’s a popular place, but if you’re there at dawn you’ll have it all to yourselves (unless there’s a photographer in the neighborhood).

Click on the image below to see the gallery (the full-sized images contain the flowers’ common names).

Dutchman’s Breeches