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Supertrip – Transitions

As anyone who lives far inland can attest – views of a clear horizon do not frequently present themselves.  In the Ozarks, the horizon is forever obscured by trees, hills, haze and utility poles.  So it was with extreme joy that I viewed the horizon on Lake Superior. I was so fascinated by this clear view of the horizon that I kept taking pictures of it. Over and over and over – always different, yet the subject was always the same.  The lake and sky are always changing and it is joyous!  My apologies for the repetitive and simple compositions, but as a bit of project photography, I had a lot of fun with this.

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Supertrip – (Almost) Everything Else

The rest of the trip really flew by.  Looking back, the days are starting to merge together, and it’s hard to remember exactly where we were shooting each day (good thing I took pictures).  We saw a sunrise at Artist’s Point in Grand Marais, a lot of waterfalls (some with a lot of stairs), and even a short trip up to Thunder Bay, Canada.  It was a memorable trip, but it’s good to be home.

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Supertrip – Day One

Camera club Supertrips (i.e., trips that take us on a week-long tour of a particular location) are a lot of fun.  I think this is the 6th one I’ve been on, and it may be the best yet. We had great luck with cooperative weather, and beautiful scenery.  The first two days we stayed in Duluth, and this gallery is from the first day of shooting. The first four pictures are from Gooseberry State Park.  The next four are from the town of Two Harbors (that’s an iron ore loading dock, along with a pier), and the rest are from Split Rock Lighthouse State Park.  It was a long, but fantastic day!

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Split Rock Lighthouse

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