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Commercial Street

For the photographer wanting to photograph Springfield, Commercial Street is one of the few remaining places that holds some level of fascination.  So much of downtown and the surrounding areas are being gentrified – cleansed of anything awkward, dirty, or interesting.  I understand the reasons why this happens, but loss accompanies all change.  Happily, I think there will always be something to photograph.


Commercial Street

Images now available on SmugMug

While I would rather just print one image from a portrait session, there are times when a client wants a picture package containing a variety of formats (8×10,5×7,4×6,Wallet, etc.). Թ Packages are nice, but cumbersome for someone setup to do large images. Թ I decided to go with SmugMug because it provided integration with the software I use, and they also provide a large variety of products that people might find interesting.

This process was so easy, I decided to offer my entire portfolio in order for people to purchase prints or merchandise.

Here’s the link to my SmugMug page.



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