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Last Photos of 2010

In a year that’s been seemingly all about photography, I guess it shouldn’t be surprising that I took over 40,000 pictures. Թ That may seem like a lot, but if I take 100,000 next year it will make this year seem kind of lazy by comparison. Թ Time will tell, I guess.

It’s fitting, then, that on the penultimate day of the year I took 1,660 pictures of Erica. Թ Click on the image to see more:

Photographing the Eclipse

Photographing the moon is always hard – at least for me. Թ Wildlife photographers need equipment that naturally does well for lunar photography – namely, very long lenses. Թ My longest lens is 400mm – far short of the 600mm and 800mm used for wildlife photography. Թ I do have a doubler for my lens, which does bring it up to 800mm, but unfortunately it loses quite a bit of sharpness along the way. Թ Tripod stability is also critical. Թ My tripod is fine for most work, but holding a 400mm lens perfectly still is hard – the slightest movement of even a camera strap can affect the image.

Photographic challenges aside, it was a tremendous pleasure to get out and watch the eclipse. Թ I hope you did the same!

Lunar Eclipse

Pregnant Photographer Kim McKinney!

I’ve known Kim for a few years now. Թ She’s a very talented photographer (she photographed Mary’s and my wedding) and a good friend. Թ I was hugely flattered when she asked me to photograph her pregnancy. Թ It’s always challenging for a photographer to be on the other side of the lens, but it ended up being a lot of fun! Թ These pictures are from early November. Թ Congratulations, Kim and Lance!!!

Some Family Pictures

No, not my family, but Stephen Fullerton, who I photographed for Skepticon, asked me back in October if I would photograph his family (yes, still catching up). Թ I’m glad I said yes, and I’m glad we did it in October – it would be hard to do in the single digit temperatures we’re having this week. Թ Anyway, I had a great time photographing this wonderful family!

Click on the picture to see some of my favorite images from the session.

Photo Fun with Amanda and Erica

I’ve worked with both Amanda and Erica in the past, and I’d work with either of them again with no hesitation. Թ Both are energetic and a lot of fun to work with. Թ The other night, on very short notice(!), I had a chance to work with both of them at the same time. Թ  It was hard to keep up, but luckily I have a fast camera and a couple of lights that can cycle quickly!

Click on the image to see the gallery.

Kevin and Carey Stratton

The day after Thanksgiving is not what I would think of as a typical wedding day, but Carey and Kevin made it work nicely. Թ Here are a few quick pictures from their wedding!

Click on the image for more pictures!

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