I just returned from New Orleans where I attended a workshop presented by the New Orleans Photography Workshops.  The instructor was Keith Carter.  I heard Keith speak at MSU a couple of years ago and found his lecture, along with his imagery, to be inspiring.   So going to his workshop was kind of like going to baseball camp with Joe Dimaggio (anyway, that’s what it seemed like to me).  There were eleven participants in the workshop, including me.  Quite a few were already accomplished artists and all were creative, interesting and stimulating.  Anyway, all of this has me feeling like I’ve started down a new road, and I like it.  I think I have a lot of interesting pictures ahead of me.

Now, on to the pictures.  Most are from the workshop, but the first two and last five are just things we saw during our trip.  The older man in the picture is Welmon Sharlhorne, a New Orleans artist with quite a story – if you’re curious, you should look him up!

New Orleans Workshop with Keith Carter