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Supertrip – Day One

Camera club Supertrips (i.e., trips that take us on a week-long tour of a particular location) are a lot of fun.  I think this is the 6th one I’ve been on, and it may be the best yet. We had great luck with cooperative weather, and beautiful scenery.  The first two days we stayed in Duluth, and this gallery is from the first day of shooting. The first four pictures are from Gooseberry State Park.  The next four are from the town of Two Harbors (that’s an iron ore loading dock, along with a pier), and the rest are from Split Rock Lighthouse State Park.  It was a long, but fantastic day!

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Split Rock Lighthouse


I wasn’t familiar with Galena (other than the town of the same name in Stone County) until Mary brought a fist-sized chunk of it home one day.  As an ore of lead, it is gray, crystalline, and very heavy. Fascinated by its reflective properties in light, I’ve spent the last few days trying to capture it in a photograph.

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I really wanted to try working with clay again.  The last time I did, it went very well and the clay cooperated by sticking throughout the photo session.  This time, it dried and flaked off very quickly, and was a bit of a mess.  The rest of the session worked with a cloak (well, the clay is a form of a cloak) as a tribute to Joyce Tenneson’s work.

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Light and Shadow

It’s often said that photography is all aboutԹ light – its quantity, and quality, direction and size. Թ But light would be very dull if where were no shadows. Թ These images hopefully demonstrate that play between shadow and light. Click on the image below to see the gallery – contains fine art nude.

femme nu

Adventures in Colorado

There’s a lot to see and do in Colorado – especially if you are interested in either photography or paleontology. Թ This trip was devoted a little more to the latter, but there was some time for photography as well. Թ The photography portion of the trip is on its own web page (click on the image below to browse the photos):

Photos from Colorado

After staying in Denver for a few days, we drove to Morrison, CO to see, well, the Morrison Formation – a bunch of late Jurrasic sedimentary rock about 150 million years old. Թ Here’s a road cut on I-70 just before you get to Morrison. Թ Naturally, we had to get out and snap a few pictures. Թ The Rocky Mountains pushed their way through this layer about 80 to 55 million years ago, which is responsible for the slanted layers.

Road cut on I-70 showing the Morrison Formation

Nearby, there is a short road going up and over a ridge named, appropriately, Dinosaur Ridge. Թ Along its path, you find dinosaur footprints and exposed dinosaur bones, along with quite a lot of interesting rocks.

Dino Tracks!


And some rocks with color!

The last day in Colorado was spent just south of La Junta in Picket Wire Canyon, home of the largest contiguous set of dinosaur prints in the world. Թ The tracks are right next to a small river, and difficult to keep clean because of flooding events, so look online for better pictures. Թ The tour was crowded, so here’s a quick snapshot of some of the tracks with complete strangers!

More Dino Tracks!


Pictures From an Abandoned Farm

Left alone, nature quickly begins to obscure past industry. Թ It is inevitable, of course, andԹ has a beauty of its own. Թ These pictures are from a recent summer evening – a very warm and humid summer evening – at a friend’s farm.

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Photography in and around Ash Grove

Braving snow, serious mud and fellow photographers, I went to the Southwest Missouri Camera Club’s field trip in Ash Grove, MO, led byԹ Jenny Stephens. Թ The purpose of the field trip was to take pictures of high school seniors, but because of a date change, only two models were able to make it. Թ So rather than take up someone else’s learning time with Jenny, I had fun photographing the surroundings which included downtown Ash Grove, and the Phenix Marble Quarry. Թ It was definitely worth the trip to see the Quarry and its endless possibilities. Թ Hopefully I’ll be able to get together with Jenny and explore itԹ againԹ someday!

Click on the image below to see some of the pictures from the day.

Last Photos of 2010

In a year that’s been seemingly all about photography, I guess it shouldn’t be surprising that I took over 40,000 pictures. Թ That may seem like a lot, but if I take 100,000 next year it will make this year seem kind of lazy by comparison. Թ Time will tell, I guess.

It’s fitting, then, that on the penultimate day of the year I took 1,660 pictures of Erica. Թ Click on the image to see more:

New Orleans Photography Workshop with Keith Carter

I just returned from New Orleans where I attended a workshop presented by the New Orleans Photography Workshops.  The instructor was Keith Carter.  I heard Keith speak at MSU a couple of years ago and found his lecture, along with his imagery, to be inspiring.   So going to his workshop was kind of like going to baseball camp with Joe Dimaggio (anyway, that’s what it seemed like to me).  There were eleven participants in the workshop, including me.  Quite a few were already accomplished artists and all were creative, interesting and stimulating.  Anyway, all of this has me feeling like I’ve started down a new road, and I like it.  I think I have a lot of interesting pictures ahead of me.

Now, on to the pictures.  Most are from the workshop, but the first two and last five are just things we saw during our trip.  The older man in the picture is Welmon Sharlhorne, a New Orleans artist with quite a story – if you’re curious, you should look him up!

New Orleans Workshop with Keith Carter

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