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Kaitlyn at Fellows Lake

Yesterday, I spent the afternoon photographing Kaitlyn along with photographer Rich Smith. Թ Kaitlyn did a great job! I really appreciate her stepping in at the last minute. Թ At the end of the day, sunset + water + great model = fun pictures!

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Erica Vait – April, 2011

I broke out the lights and camera last night to photograph Erica on and around Commercial Street. Թ Erica is great to work with and we had fun taking pictures here and there. Թ It started to get a bit chilly towards the end of the evening, but otherwise it was a great day. Թ I really love the play of blue sky against skin tone – a theme that is repeated in this series of pictures.

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Photo Fun with Amanda and Erica

I’ve worked with both Amanda and Erica in the past, and I’d work with either of them again with no hesitation. Թ Both are energetic and a lot of fun to work with. Թ The other night, on very short notice(!), I had a chance to work with both of them at the same time. Թ  It was hard to keep up, but luckily I have a fast camera and a couple of lights that can cycle quickly!

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