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I headed downtown this morning to meet up with a few fellow photographers to walk around and snap a few pictures.  We ended up in Founders Park, which is comprised of large rectangular blocks.  It’s always enjoyable to arrange those angles and rectangles onto a picture frame.  The first three images are from around Commercial Street.

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Photo Shoot with Erica

This is a photo shoot with Erica from late June.  The weather (very hot) kept us indoors, but with a backdrop, a few lights, a great model, and a few props, it’s pretty easy to take a few nice pictures.

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The 2012 Transit of Venus

Venus passes directly between the Earth and the Sun very rarely (the next transit is in 2117).  It is such a rare event that I couldn’t sit at home and let it pass without trying to take a few pictures.  So I loaded up my (seemingly inadequate) camera gear, grabbed as many filters as I had, and headed out to give it a go.  After a couple of poor choices for location, I found one that perhaps holds some interest.  The first image in the series is when the sun was still high in the sky, and the remainder are as it was setting on, and then below the horizon.

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A Trip to the Missouri Institute of Natural Science

The camera club was invited to do some macro photography at the Missouri Institute of Natural Science.  When I first heard about the trip, I knew I wanted to shine light through translucent objects just to see what it would look like.  With the exception of the picture of anthracite coal, all were photographed using this method.  All were surprising.  For example, seeing a rainbow in the calcite, or the deep hues of the fluorite and the other-worldly red of the sea urchin!

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Green Fluorite


Our ficus tree has developed an interesting root structure that just had to be photographed today.

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Images now available on SmugMug

While I would rather just print one image from a portrait session, there are times when a client wants a picture package containing a variety of formats (8×10,5×7,4×6,Wallet, etc.). Թ Packages are nice, but cumbersome for someone setup to do large images. Թ I decided to go with SmugMug because it provided integration with the software I use, and they also provide a large variety of products that people might find interesting.

This process was so easy, I decided to offer my entire portfolio in order for people to purchase prints or merchandise.

Here’s the link to my SmugMug page.



Portrait Session with the Southwest Missouri Camera Club

Photographer and club member Rich Smith organized a field trip to do a studio photography session with models Kaitlyn (who we had worked withԹ before) and her friend Brittan. Թ We both brought studio lights (my collection looking quite meager next to Rich’s) and invited other club members to photograph the models using them. Թ Which is a decision I may come to regret after seeing some of the great images that they have produced!

Mostly, I just sat around lazily through the five hour session and let the other members work. Թ However, I did step in every once in a while and take a picture.

SWMCC Portrait Session



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