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Great Smoky Mountain National Park and North Carolina

Once again, a Southwest Missouri Camera Club Supertrip has stolen a week of my life.  Oh, but what a week it was.  Rain, clouds, fog, fall color, waterfalls – just about everything we expect when we invest a week of time in one our country’s beautiful places.

Looking Glass Falls, North Carolina

2014 Worldwide Photowalk – Little Five Points, Atlanta

Every year, Scott Kelby puts together a worldwide photo event in which photographers walk around for a while and take pictures (yeah, the title is self explanatory).  Having led a trip last year in Springfield, MO (it rained hard), I joined up with the one today in Atlanta (it rained hard again).  I met a great group of photographers, and we had fun walking around (well, mostly hiding under things trying to stay dry) the Little Five Points area in Atlanta.  The Little Five Points area reminds me of South Street in Philadelphia (and like nowhere in Nixa, MO) – alive with cool people, culture, and fun.

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I’d hurt myself if I tried this

McDaniel Farm Park

Not too far from where I now reside, there’s a 134 acre 1930’s farm that’s been preserved.  Aside from the walking trails, little has changed since then.  I had a nice walk this morning and took a few pictures along the way.

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Wickman’s Garden Village 2014

The camera club visited Wickman’s Garden Village again this year.  Normally a nice place to spend a winter day, it turned out to be a little warm when the outdoor temperature was in the upper fifties.

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Wickman’s Garden Village

Ritter Springs

Last Sunday, I was out for another field trip with the camera club.  Fall color, at least in this neck of the woods, is still elusive.

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Ritter Springs

Southeast Missouri

There are a lot of places in Missouri that I think are pretty special.  Yesterday, a small group of dedicated photographers and I visited three of them: Alley Spring and Mill, Johnson’s Shut-ins, and Elephant Rocks.  When I’m wandering through these locations, memories and images from past visits weave their way through to the present. It produces a layered and introspective experience.

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Alley Mill

Bennett Springs

It’s fall. Finally. Temps are edging downward, and fall color is starting to grace the forest’s canopy.  The trees, unfortunately, were only beginning their abandonment of summer green when the camera club visited Bennett Springs State Park last Saturday.  Even with the less than stellar colors, we managed to have  a great time, and take a few pictures to treasure.

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The Spillway at Bennett Springs

2013 Worldwide Photowalk

Scott Kelby’s Worldwide Photowalk is an event that gathers photographers from all over the world – some 28,000 of them – to photograph things they find during, yes, a walk.  Today, I led the the Photowalk here in Springfield during admittedly trying conditions – continuous rain.  Fortunately, ten other hardy people made it out and photographed through the rain.  Many thanks for making the Photowalk thoroughly fun!

Click the image below to see my pictures from this morning’s walk.

Supertrip – Transitions

As anyone who lives far inland can attest – views of a clear horizon do not frequently present themselves.  In the Ozarks, the horizon is forever obscured by trees, hills, haze and utility poles.  So it was with extreme joy that I viewed the horizon on Lake Superior. I was so fascinated by this clear view of the horizon that I kept taking pictures of it. Over and over and over – always different, yet the subject was always the same.  The lake and sky are always changing and it is joyous!  My apologies for the repetitive and simple compositions, but as a bit of project photography, I had a lot of fun with this.

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Supertrip – (Almost) Everything Else

The rest of the trip really flew by.  Looking back, the days are starting to merge together, and it’s hard to remember exactly where we were shooting each day (good thing I took pictures).  We saw a sunrise at Artist’s Point in Grand Marais, a lot of waterfalls (some with a lot of stairs), and even a short trip up to Thunder Bay, Canada.  It was a memorable trip, but it’s good to be home.

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