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Roaring River State Park

The camera club traveled to Roaring River State Park yesterday.  While a lot of people go there for fishing (and it will be very crowded next weekend as trout season opens), we were there to take a few pictures.

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Hatchery at Roaring River State Park

Wickman’s Gardens

Today the camera club made what has become nearly an annual trip to see the kind people at Wickman’s Garden Village and photograph the plants and structures under their care. It was so much fun! When we started, it was raining, and nothing sounds quite as nice as listening to the rain in a greenhouse.  Anyway, here are some of the images I captured during this pleasant afternoon.

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Portraits at the Firehouse

I volunteered to organize the field trips this year at our camera club, so there should be a few more updates this year than last.  Our first big field trip of the year was to work with some of the techniques used by Zack Arias – an Atlanta-based photographer who put out an educational video a few years back.  The video covers working with a single light source.  After showing the video to the club, we ventured out to practice what we learned.  Mostly, I just moved the light around and answered questions, but in doing so I managed to steal a few images.

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The Needles in Canyonlands, Utah

On a vacation a few weeks ago, we traveled through Colorado and into Utah to camp for a few nights under the dark skies of the Needles area of Canyonlands National Park.  I added more evidence to my hypothesis that hiking does not mingle nicely with photography.  Attempting to do both doesn’t serve either well.  However, I will say that the short hikes we took were very pleasant (certainly a stark contrast to hikes local to Springfield!).  With the exception of the petroglyph, which was taken on nearby BLM land, all of these images are from Canyonlands.

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I headed downtown this morning to meet up with a few fellow photographers to walk around and snap a few pictures.  We ended up in Founders Park, which is comprised of large rectangular blocks.  It’s always enjoyable to arrange those angles and rectangles onto a picture frame.  The first three images are from around Commercial Street.

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Parking Garage on a Rainy Day

Itching to get out and take a few pictures, I was nearly thwarted by a torrential downpour.  Happily, a parking garage provided shelter against the rain as I snapped a few in downtown Springfield.

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Photo Shoot with Erica

This is a photo shoot with Erica from late June.  The weather (very hot) kept us indoors, but with a backdrop, a few lights, a great model, and a few props, it’s pretty easy to take a few nice pictures.

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The 2012 Transit of Venus

Venus passes directly between the Earth and the Sun very rarely (the next transit is in 2117).  It is such a rare event that I couldn’t sit at home and let it pass without trying to take a few pictures.  So I loaded up my (seemingly inadequate) camera gear, grabbed as many filters as I had, and headed out to give it a go.  After a couple of poor choices for location, I found one that perhaps holds some interest.  The first image in the series is when the sun was still high in the sky, and the remainder are as it was setting on, and then below the horizon.

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A Trip to the Missouri Institute of Natural Science

The camera club was invited to do some macro photography at the Missouri Institute of Natural Science.  When I first heard about the trip, I knew I wanted to shine light through translucent objects just to see what it would look like.  With the exception of the picture of anthracite coal, all were photographed using this method.  All were surprising.  For example, seeing a rainbow in the calcite, or the deep hues of the fluorite and the other-worldly red of the sea urchin!

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Green Fluorite

Galena II

I’ve visited the “Y” bridge at Galena several times trying to take a few good pictures of its unique structure.  Though I’m not entirely convinced I’m finished, here is what I have so far.

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